Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth

Callus & Corns

What is it?

Callus & corns are simply areas of thickened skin that develop due to excessive pressure. They can occur over prominent joints or under the ball (forefoot) & heel of the foot. They can be very painful.

How we can help

Identifying the cause of the corn or callus will help in treating the problem. The cause maybe due to your foot shape eg. you may have bunions or hammertoes which will develop more pressure over any prominent joint. It may be due to incorrectly fitting footwear. Or it may be related to your gait or walking pattern.

The callus or corn will be removed with a sterile blade & then further advice & strategies will be given to reduce the likelihood of it recurring. This advice may include changes in footwear, use of padding to reduce pressure, orthotics to alter your gait/walking or surgery to correct any foot deformity such as bunions or hammertoes.

At Footmed, we are experienced in effectively treating these problems. Please call us to make an appointment.