Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth

Heel & Arch Pain

What's the problem? 

Heel pain is one of the most common of foot complaints. Symptoms include a burning type pain first thing in the morning when you get out of bed but eases after taking a few steps. You also may be experiencing pain after sitting down for a while & then standing again.

What is happening?

You have strained or bruised a ligament under the heel & arch of the foot. You may not recall an actual incident that caused the pain because heel pain generally a long-term problem. It is generally caused by your foot flattening excessively when standing or walking & causing the ligament or plantar fascia (heel pain may also be known as plantar fasciitis) to become over-stretched & strained

Wearing shoes with poor cushioning can irritate the tissue in your heel (plantar fascia). Being overweight or standing for long periods can also irritate the tissue. Running, walking, tennis and other sports that put stress on the heels can cause tiny tears in the tissue. If your lower leg muscles are tight, this is more likely to occur. Overuse or excess body weight can cause the tissue to tear or pull away from the bone. The tissue then becomes inflamed and painful. Sometimes the inflamed plantar fascia also irritates a nerve, causing more pain. A Heel spur is a projection or growth of bone and can grow where the muscles of the foot attach to the bone. While some heel spurs are painless, others that are determined to be the cause of chronic heel pain may require medical treatment or surgical removal.

How we can help

Identifying the cause of your pain is critical & will determine the best treatment. Treatment may include the following:

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