Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth

Orthotic Therapy

What is a Foot Orthotic?

An Orthotic is an insole or support designed to correct abnormal foot and lower extremity function & 
reduce strain (the lower extremity includes the foot, ankle, leg, knee, thigh and hip). They can be either soft or hard depending on your need. 

What Does That Mean?

It means that the way you stand, walk or run COULD be causing you foot, leg or lower back pain. And by correcting these areas with a foot orthotic, we can potentially relieve your pain not just in your foot, but also knee, hip & lower back pain.

Will I Have To Change Footwear?

Our goal is to provide effective, comfortable solutions to your foot or leg pain. Part of that advice may be recommending specific footwear. That is not always possible hence we can custom make your orthotic to suit your footwear, yes, even high heeled shoes.

Are Orthotics Comfortable?

Orthotics are comfortable to wear if they are prescribed correctly for your specific problem & made to fit in appropriate footwear. We believe that when this occurs, orthotics are  both comfortable & extremely effective at relieving pain.

When Are Orthotics Used?

We only use Orthotics when indicated. This doesn't mean every person needs orthotics. We perform a detailed assessment of your lower limb biomechanics before any decision is made.

We then discuss with you our recommendations taking into account your lifestyle & your footwear. Orthotics also only form part of a treatment plan hence we may also recommend additional treatment including stretches, acupuncture, Physiotherapy.

The complete relief of your pain or complaint is our goal hence we provide comprehensive follow-up of your orthotics/treatment plan & fine-tuning & adjustment of your foot orthotics. 

At Footmed, we are experienced in effectively treating these problems. Please call us to make an appointment.