Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth
Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Elizabeth

Shin Splints

What is it?

Shin Splints is a burning, aching pain that occurs most frequently along the inside edge of the shin (tibia). It can occur along the outside of the shin but less commonly. We see shin splints most frequently in runners or sports that require running/jogging such as football, basketball & netball.

People tend to develop it because of either running on hard surfaces, suddenly increasing their amount of running, excessively worn footwear & muscle tightness. Underlying biomechanical problems such as excessive pronation & bowed legs can contribute to the problem.

How we can help

A thorough history & examination is required to determine the cause of your shin pain. While shin splints is the most common cause of shin soreness, there are other causes that need to be ruled out such as stress fractures . Further testing may be required such as x-rays, ultrasound or bone scans.

Treatment needs to initially be directed at reducing any inflammation. This may require rest from any running & ice & stretching & possibly medication. Further treatment is then dependent on the cause but may include:

- orthotics
- changes in footwear
- changes in running surface
- review of running form
- use of other therapies such as low level laser therapy, dry needling & mobilisation & referral to other health professionals such as a Physiotherapist.

At Footmed, we are experienced in effectively treating these problems. Please call us to make an appointment.